Pittsburgh Employment Attorney and Mediator Representing Businesses in Western Pennsylvania

Businesses rise and fall on the strength of their relationships: relationships between a business and its clients, competitors, suppliers, and of course, employees. Attorney Kim Kisner knows that a solid legal foundation can preserve the employer-employee relationships a business needs to thrive. When employment law disputes threaten to disrupt the focus of a business, prompt and favorable resolution is needed to keep things on track – whether through litigation, mediation, or neutral evaluation of litigation risk and reward.

For over 20 years, attorney Kim Kisner has concentrated her legal practice in Pennsylvania and federal employment law, litigation, and real estate and business transactions. Kim heads her own boutique law firm of employment, real estate, and corporate lawyers. She has a keen understanding of the complex employment law issues facing businesses under constantly-evolving state and federal laws. And she works collaboratively with a team of more than 70 legal professionals in areas including corporate formation, succession planning, intellectual property, tax, creditors’ rights, insolvency, and immigration to assist businesses in getting things done.

Kim Kisner’s practice includes:

  • Employment law, including litigation and legal guidance for employers
  • Local counsel services for litigation in the Western District of Pennsylvania
  • Mediation and early neutral evaluation of disputes

Experienced Advocacy, Clear Communication, and a Commitment to Results

Kim is a committed advocate for businesses in Western Pennsylvania, as well as those companies outside Pennsylvania that need local counsel for litigation in Pennsylvania state courts and federal courts in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Her record of success in litigation and reputation for responsiveness and open communication have made her a popular choice as a local litigation partner.

Kim Kisner believes that clients deserve not only effective advocacy, but an attorney who can clearly explain their legal situation and options. Employers are often experts in their industries and skilled at operating a business; they should have an attorney with an equal depth of knowledge in the legal areas that affect their companies.

Kim’s clients range from entrepreneurs and sole proprietors to businesses and corporations of all sizes. Regardless of a client’s size or resources, her focus remains the same: achieving a swift, favorable resolution to all issues in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Send an email or call (412) 450-0110 to speak with Kim about your company’s employment, labor, or human resource needs.

Work with a Pittsburgh Employment Attorney with a Depth of Experience and a Breadth of Connection

Concentrating her practice in a few areas of the law has enabled Kim to amass a depth of knowledge and experience in those areas. During her more than two decades in practice, she has also developed connections with other professionals whose expertise might be valuable to her clients. Kim understands the importance of relationships in business—including your relationship with your attorney. If you have questions about employment law, real estate, business matters, or litigation, please contact Kim Kisner, Esq.