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Wage & Hour Compliance Attorney Serving Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Many employers do not understand how complex wage and hour laws can be, nor their duties and obligations to comply with these laws. A dispute or claim brought by the Department of Labor or a current or former employee can be a significant expense for the company. The best way to protect your business from the possibility of having to fight such a claim is to properly classify every employee and create sound wage and hour policies for the company.

Employment Law Attorney — Solutions for Wage and Hour Compliance

Kim works with small to mid-sized companies throughout Pennsylvania to evaluate their workforces and properly classify all employees. She provides valuable guidance in explaining wage and hour laws, helping you ensure that you are in compliance. Should a dispute arise, she is prepared to protect your interests and fight the claim.

The Department of Labor provides guidelines and criteria for classifying all employees, based on their duties and responsibilities. Exempt employees are usually paid on a salaried basis and nonexempt employees are more frequently paid on an hourly basis and are eligible for overtime pay on hours worked over 40 in a week. Our employment law attorney will help you determine the classification of each employee and any nuances that may affect how he or she should be paid.

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We also provide guidance on employment and compensation issues such as:

  • benefits

  • paying independent contractors

  • past unpaid overtime

  • clocking in and out during a workday

  • work breaks and lunches

  • minimum wage

  • off-the-clock work

  • travel time pay

  • tracking time worked by employees

It is important that the employer keep careful records of all time worked by employees. Should a dispute arise and an employee or agency brings a claim against you, as the employer you are responsible for producing these records and proving that you acted in compliance.

These are difficult issues that can create significant legal problems for your business if not remedied. For a consultation to discuss your wage and hour practices, please contact me.