Practice Areas

Employment Law for Employers

A company’s employees are among its most valuable assets, so the decisions a business makes around hiring and employment directly affect its success. Larger corporations have human resources departments to manage these issues. Most employers, howev… Read More

Human Resources Counsel

Additionally, Kim Kisner serves as the employment law counsel to many companies, helping them plan as they grow and expand. She is available to provide advice whenever workplace issues arise, whether large or small, so employers can craft a careful r… Read More

Local Counsel For Employment Discrimination Defense and Harassment Claims

Attorney Kim Kisner partners with clients and attorneys outside of Pennsylvania to serve as their local counsel in Pennsylvania’s state and federal courts. With over 20 years’ experience in employer defense in the local courts, Kim is well-positi… Read More

Wage & Hour Compliance

Many employers do not understand how complex wage and hour laws can be, nor their duties and obligations to remain in compliance with these laws. A dispute or claim brought by the Department of Labor or a current or former employee can be a significa… Read More

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Employment Disputes in the Western District of Pennsylvania

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an umbrella term for various methods of resolving legal matters other than litigation in a courtroom. In the employment law setting, ADR typically refers processes such as mediation, early neutral evaluation, a… Read More
Residential Landlord Tenant Representation

Residential Landlord Tenant Representation

Residential Landlord Tenant Representation Our clients benefit from our familiarity with the laws of buying, selling, and leasing properties and from Kim’s years of personal experience as a Pittsburgh landlord. We will work with you as an advocate in court, a negotiator in transactions,… Read More

Assessment Appeals

Allegheny County homeowners might have a second chance to challenge their 2022 property assessments if legislation proposed by Allegheny County Council’s President is passed. Homeowners would have until February 28, 2023 to contest last year’s ta… Read More

For Sale by Owner

In most circumstances you can sell a home without a lawyer. It is wise, however, to hire an attorney who will protect your interests throughout a for sale by owner transaction. i will provide you with all the advice and counsel you will need from off… Read More